Cocoa bean essay

Child labour The International Labour Organization ILO defines child labor as work that "is mentally, physically, socially or morally dangerous and harmful to children; and interferes with their schooling by depriving them of the opportunity to attend school; by obliging them to leave school prematurely; or by requiring them to attempt to combine school attendance with excessively long and heavy work. Work done that is not detrimental to children's health, development or schooling is beneficial because it allows children to develop skills, gain experience and prepare them for future positions; [9] these are not considered child labor. Family members, including children, are often expected to work on the farms.

Cocoa bean essay

However, most of these cocoa beans are exported to European chocolate industry Fold African countries are still just exporters of raw materials. We usually do not know the fact that when the materials become a chocolate bar in UK, the farmers can averagely receive just 4 per cent of the final price Ryan 6.

Cocoa bean essay

There are some problems with this exploitative relationship between chocolate companies and cacao farmers.

First, ethical problems like child labor or child traffic and second are economic problems. Chocolate companies in developed countries should change their relationship with African countries from present one, which is exploitative and has ethical and economic problems, to new one, which would make mutual beneficial result for both parties.

Since cocoa bean is one of the most predominant products for West African countries, in most cacao farms, children have been working as child labor because they cost little and are easy to manage. However, in many cases, this labor is forced and interfere their education witheringly.

As saying by subsequent media accounts, children as young as six years old have been forced to work hour weeks without pay, suffered from hunger abuse Schrage and Ewing About education, according to the fieldwork of Amanda Berlan, in the first form of the Junior Secondary School only 31 per cent of children know their ages 1.

Moreover, many schools are under resourced, over crowded and teachers are frequently absent. Therefore, even children who can spare their time for studying, usually just acquire basic literacy skills by themselves Berlan 2. In addition, not only forced working, African children are also faced the danger of child traffic.

This miserable situation of Africa is mostly caused by poverty and the poverty is caused by dependence on chocolate companies in developed countries.

Companies are in position to choose business partner so they have advantage in deciding the wholesale price of cacao beans. Hence, African cocoa farmers have went for child labor or child trafficking and to solve these ethical problems, it is necessary for chocolate companies to rethink the right relationship with African farmers with their realization of members of international community.

Second, African economic situation is in impasse. This number should be improved from the viewpoint of human security. However, African countries have huge market potential.

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Therefore helping African countries improve economically connects to tap the market for developed countries. African consumer technology market would be rapidly grown when labor-intensive manufacturing improved Jacobs 2.

Agriculture like cacao farm and cocoa industry like production of cocoa products are the very labor-intensive manufacturing. Therefore, by supporting cocoa farmers in African countries, developed countries can expand the market and in fact, strangling African countries by exploitative trade is only deferred to their disadvantage.

From these points, supporting African countries by changing relationship from oppressing to coexistence is necessary for developed countries in order to protect humanitarian society and huge market in future.

Cocoa bean essay

Then, I would like to show an example of supporting African farmers effectively and mutual-beneficially. Fair trade is the most typical example of supporting farmers. The concept of fair trade is buying cocoa beans appropriate price to farmers sufficient. Some may wonder why fair trade is not just charity and makes good business sense.

However, since today already not few people are interested in fair trade, even if the price of the product is a little higher, as companies appeal their challenge toward outdated exploitive trade with African countries and supporting toward children education or human right, the product is marketable.

Actually, many companies sell fair trade chocolate and succeed.

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Cadbury is a good example. It is also very important for individuals to realize that there are responsibilities to improve present situation. Supporting African farmers through appropriate trade like fair trade, we can decline African ethical problems: To realize better world, the efficient of not only companies but also consumers are absolutely imperative.Those working for money on cocoa bean plantations do not recieve a fair amount of money to hold sustainable lives.

EN Online Exam 2_03 SCORE PERCENT – Homework Assignments and Papers Send via Email Share via ShareThis Cocoa, the food of the gods and the electuary of lovers, has captivated humanity with its exotic flavor and sensuous mouth feel. Cocoa is the heroic delight, the preferred food of children and poets alike.

It is because of these two factors that the U.S. government--along with several other groups nation-wide--is trying to implement regulations to . This Essay Cocoa Customs Cause Aids Worries Ghana and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • January 21, • Essay • Words (4 Pages) • Views Ghana is the second most popular country in Africa to grow cocoa beans.

Ghana grows about 17 percent. What they look like Cocoa Beans Cultivation Current Cultivation Practices Environmental Impacts Works Cited "Cocoa Cultivation Practices Classification Biology Essay.".

you’ve read a persuasive essay. Editorial columns are a short version of this kind of essay. Unlike other articles in the newspa- research the cocoa bean and the vanilla bean to see if there are any interesting facts about them that might influence your opinion. The average European or U.S.

American consumes pounds of chocolate per year. Around million tons of cocoa beans are produced on an annual basis. Dracula essays The cocoa bean gives us a wide variety of decadent drinks, desserts and treats. Chocolate, an acquired taste.

Is often mistakenly introduced as a treat when we are children. Most youngsters and older folks as well like the taster and want more; some even to the point of craving this.

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