An analysis of tescos supply chain

Seen on Tumblralong with associated discussion: Nobody is the villain of their own life story. Everybody thinks of themselves as an honest guy or gal just trying to get by, constantly under assault by circumstances and The System and hundreds and hundreds of assholes. They really believe it.

An analysis of tescos supply chain

Just look at the delays in bringing new ships into service. Every year cost money not just in prolonged development work. But in life extention programmes for ships still in service. That, SDSR and the move of other things into the defence budget that were not there previously are the reasons, not the carriers.

The increase in costs, for example, were all purely political, carried out by delays sanctioned by both new labour and the coalition governments.

CASD now being part of the Defence [hence RN] budget is one of the core reasons for the shortfall, coupled with decades of poor procurement procedures, and allowing a situation to develop where there is, effectively, only one supplier.

Instead of ending up with this https: So as explained in the article the Nuclear deterrent which effectively has put the cost of building 4 Aircraft Carriers in to the budget. IE about the level of Germany. I have no problem with the electorate deciding we wish to withdraw from world affairs, but we must cut are ambitions to our abilities, with the proposed cuts I would suggest that Resignation of Great Britain from the Permanent Membership of the Security Council is a first since we cannot influence Geo Political events, thus we have no right to comment or vote on them.

If Politicians give a clear indication of what they want to be able to do on the World Stage for which the MOD and the Navy need to present a forecasted bill to the politician to pay. If the politicians demand the Armed Forces to do something that is reckless and endangers unnecessarily members of the armed forces then it is incumbent on in this case the 1st Sea Lord and his Deputies to resign on principle.

It is the same as Senior Civil Servants threatening to resign unless they have a direct order to proceed with a course of action they view as unlawful, putting personal responsibility on the Minister concerned. The problem is that people such as Lord West who are now bleating are the people who created this mess.

An analysis of tescos supply chain

Further nobody has thought of the wider implications of this, especially those in the Army. Ultimately it those Chickens coming home to roost that now means the Navy is going to be savaged.

No um and aring we cannot do this, this or that, including without the RM or these ships any form of Falklands Operation such as in Put it on the line and man up instead of taking easy money and your Lordships actually protect your Sailors, Airman and Soldiers for once instead of using them as sacrificial lambs and hope you get a UOR when needed to save your embarrassment.

Or was it BAE running rings around those civil servants? The reason for the lethargy about reserve fleets is it is neither practical or cost effective in the modern day especially with current defence budgets and personnel retention!

It is basically unworkable when you put a moments thought to the idea! Before I talk about the RAF lets pick up the issue of a reserve fleet, people get very misty eyed about the idea and constantly talk about reservists manning them as if it is minor issue.

Two core points that must be considered: There is a vast amount of difference between a vessel operated in the first half of the twentieth century and now! Go back to the WW2 era when large numbers of mothballed vessels were being brought back into service and it was a realistic enterprise.

A modern Warship is an entirely different beast! As the vessel gets older the cost of keeping the vessel up to date increases, as systems become obsolete they need replacing or upgrading again at cost. Service contracts have to be extended.

If the gap between reactivation is too long then the vessel will simply not be able to operate and talk with in a data sense with other platforms, it might not even be able to fight if the weapons it uses have been retired from the fleet!St Edmundsbury in the late Twentieth Century.

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